Below are 13 Best Practices for effectively utilizing push notifications for both browsers & apps of iPhone App development company in ahmedabad

13 Push Notifications Practices you should follow in 2023

Push notifications captivate customers with a staggering 70% finding them helpful, 52% seeking relevant info/offers, and 40% engaging within an hour. 

In the dynamic world of omnichannel marketing, push notifications emerge as the secret sauce to boost performance across mobile devices, laptops, and desktop browsers for an iPhone App development company in Ahmedabad. These unassuming yet potent alerts have the remarkable ability to skyrocket Click-Through Rates by up to 30%, catapult Return on Investment to an astonishing 2200%, and supercharge website traffic by an impressive 25%. 

Noah Weiss, the brilliant mind behind Slack’s Search, Learning & Intelligence, reveals the essence of a flawless push notification: Timeliness, personalization & an irresistible call to action 

Below are 13 Best Practices for effectively utilizing push notifications for both browsers and apps of iPhone App development company in ahmedabad. These guidelines are organized into 3 main categories: 

  • Promptness
  • Personalization 
  • Action-oriented Cues


Leverage the right moment

To ensure effective communication with a global customer base, perform time zone checks before sending notifications. Tailor business and finance-related messages for weekday mornings, while scheduling gaming and entertainment content for evenings and weekends using automation to streamline the process.

Create urgency

Create impactful messages with genuine urgency to grab attention. Avoid gimmicks, but use valid reasons like announcing the final day or hour of a sale or reminding retail customers of limited stock. This approach ensures meaningful engagement without resorting to manipulative tactics.

Promote updates and new content

Leverage consumers’ love for unique, tailored content and their desire to be among the first to discover it. Utilize notifications with powerful hooks like “new” and “be the first” to announce app updates and new features. This strategy capitalizes on user behavior and enhances engagement with the content.

Use locations

Apps utilize location-tracking to send personalized notifications based on real-time location. For instance, near a store or while traveling, tailored messages invite users to engage. A survey found 49% of consumers would use an app more if it sent push notifications triggered by their chosen hometown.


Arouse interest

Engage customers with tailored notifications, hinting at untapped app or site content to pique interest. Discover new knowledge by exploring the app/website. Don’t miss out; utilize the platform to stay informed and up-to-date. Act now and explore the unseen possibilities!

Use GIFs, photos, videos, and audio

Rich push notifications support images, videos, and audio, proving highly effective. A study of almost 5 million messages revealed big-picture notifications achieve a 56% higher direct open rate on average. Best practice involves segmenting customers, ensuring only those with compatible browsers or operating systems receive them.

Be clear and crisp

Push notifications should be short and impactful. Being concise is key; avoid jargon or filler words for better effectiveness.

Explain the features

Effectively utilize push notifications for new customers by explaining features. iPhone App development company in ahmedabad create a series highlighting top app features, emphasizing how they benefit consumers. Showcase distinctive elements of your webpage or service, emphasizing added value. Engage users by demonstrating how these features enhance their experience.

Action-oriented Cues

Send price information

Push notifications are valuable for E-commerce, reminding consumers of price changes and sales. Consumers are receptive to such info, and a strong call-to-action button further encourages action.

Ask for feedback

Yet another effective way to get consumers to engage by taking action is by asking for regular feedback. This could be an online review, filling in a form, or simply providing an app rating.

Promote deals

Most digital marketers employ deals to generate interest at some point. Utilizing push notifications can be an effective method to prompt customers to take action. The notifications should be carefully crafted to emphasize the offer and clearly outline the necessary steps to take advantage of it.

Send real-time updates

Push notifications enable real-time updates for weather, news, and marketing purposes, including sales dates, delivery notifications, and payment confirmations. iPhone App development company in ahmedabad leverage them to request actions, offer reminders, and promote additional products or services.

Use action buttons

Make sure to create clear notifications that guide the consumer towards the desired action. Include specific prompts to encourage them to take the necessary steps. Utilizing buttons with phrases like “Book Now” or “Recharge Now” can be effective ways to achieve this.


By leveraging the key principles of Promptness, Personalisation, and Action-oriented Cues, a good iPhone app development company in ahmedabad can create a captivating marketing push notification strategy that transcends simple message delivery and transforms into an interactive channel, fostering increased usage, engagement, and retention.


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