Drink Me

The judge can see give ratings of the different wines, then they can give comments and points on the wine. Admin can add multiple wines and create shows for the wine.

The most advanced and unique food and beverage scoring companion available for industry awards shows and competitions. Backed by the international New World Wine Challenge and complete with a complex wine database, DrinkMe Digital offers a platform for moving judges of all ages and experience levels away from pen and paper, and into a digital realm, enhancing efficiency and data integrity. – Score wines on multiple scales including the 100 point scale, the 20 point scale, and a customizable bespoke scale – Generate results and reports in real-time as the competition is running – Submit entrants to our wine database and create for showrunners an online platform for reviewing wines in your competitions – Apply medals and comments directly to wine records, allowing them to be viewed by customers using the app to search for wine information

// What we did
  • Full app development

  • App design

  • Maintenance of app

  • // Technology used
  • Android
  • IOS